Creative Timbers has a large range of weatherboard products ranging from the traditional sawn weatherboard that is available in many timber species through to the more modern high quality environmentally aware products such as weathertex.

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    Creative Timbers treated pine weatherboards provide a long lasting external cladding for buildings provided attention is paid to the correct storage, handling, fixing, finishing and maintenance of the product. Available as H3 treated for external above ground applications, standard and better grade, clear 2 premium and pre-primed finger jointed. Learn More
  2. Weathergroove Smooth


    Weathertex weathergroove is a vertically grooved timber cladding produced in three different styles ruff sawn, smooth and woodsman. This vertically grooved panel is ideal for covering large areas quickly and as a versatile and environmentally friendly product, the possibilities are endless. Learn More
  3. Rubix panel


    Rubix panel is the latest addition to the weathertex range of products. The rubix panel is a self locking system that can be joined on or off the stud. It is available in square and rectangular panels with each panel giving a 10mm wide and 4mm deep groove when installed. Learn More
  4. EcoWall - Smooth


    Being one of the most durable and versatile panels available makes the EcoWall from Weathertex an easy choice whether you are constructing a modern home or a large commercial complex. Available in two designs, smooth and woodsman, these products can be installed vertically or horizontally. Several different joining strips are available.

    The PVC black deep channel joiner and the aluminium deep channel joiner both give a gap around the board 6mm deep and 14mm wide.

    If the H moulder joiner and the aluminium vertical T joiner are used, a gap will not be present.

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  5. Classic Woodsman


    The advantage of using Weathertex primelok is the exclusive fixing system- reducing installation time by up to 20%. Available in a range of designs including shadowclad, smooth, classic smooth, classic ruff sawn and classic woodsman, there is almost certainly an option to suit your requirements. Learn More
  6. Exogroove 150 Woodsman


    Selflok Weathertex weatherboards have an excellent and simple to use self locking system that ensures every board is aligned perfectly. Available in millwood smooth, millwood, ruff sawn, old colonial smooth, texwood smooth and eco groove in smooth and woodsman there is a product to suit every application. Learn More
  7. Classic Ruff Sawn


    Weathertex weatherboards are designed to give your home a unique yet traditional appearance, by blending with brick, stone or other building materials to provide limitless design and decorative solutions and applications. This product is available in two sizes and four different finishes. Learn More


    Creative Timbers western red cedar weatherboards are an attractive, efficient and cost effective cladding for houses and commercial buildings. Available in rough sawn or dressed, these weatherboards are an attractive option whatever the application. Natural preservatives in western red cedar provide resistance to fungus and insect attack, while its low density offers great thermal insulation qualities. Western red cedar also has impressive acoustic properties allowing this timber to be used in both commercial and residential applications. Learn More


    Creative Timbers mixed hardwood weatherboards are available in one size only 175x25x6. Usually the timber is treated spotted gum, circular sawn for traditional appearance. These weatherboards are ideal for a traditional, contemporary colonial home, and can also be used as a feature in modern buildings. Learn More
  10. Cedar shingles


    Creative Timbers western red cedar shingles and shakes are durable and insulating. They make an excellent exterior wall and ideal roof cladding for gazebos, Bali style huts and outdoor rooms. The benefits of western red cedar shingles include durability, exceptional insulation and low maintenance.  Shingles and shakes can be easily used in new constructions as well as in renovations. Shingles are sawn on both surfaces and present a rather smooth and more precise appearance.  Shakes however are machine split on at least one surface and have a more rugged, irregular texture than shingles. For both, the width is random and the thickness variable. Creative Timbers western red cedar shingles are sold in packs ranging from 2.33m2 to 3.72m2 depending on the quality, whereas our shakes are sold in packs of 1.33m2

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